Monday, August 11, 2008

Starting Over - The Battle of the Bulge

Look at the rap sheets in the grocery aisle and you will see all the latest ways to loss 10 pounds fast. Or maybe some miracle diet that the stars are doing and how you can do it too! In addition to these you will also see the pictures of stars being too thin or too fat and the absolute worst pictures of them.

There is definitely an obsession over weight in our country and fortunately through the years I have not had to seriously worry about it for myself one way or the other. I do worry for my girls and how they will feel about weight or if they will get sucked into what is the "right" weight, I actually do not know how I will handle that. With that being said I am not one to diet and never have been. I like food plain and simple. I have been pretty fortunate to have maintained an average weight all my life, guess because I am active. I also have been fortunate after having kids and gaining a TON of weight 40+ each time I have successfully gone back to at least my starting weight of 161. Now that 161 is still a bit heavier than I would like to see myself but at least I got back to it each time except with baby #4. The last 15 pounds were just hanging on and deciding that that was the new set weight for me - no good. A year and a half ago I did start weight watchers with a friend of mine and it was fantastic! As I said I LOVE food so it was great to be able to eat what ever I wanted but only in set amounts that didn't' allow me to go over my points. I also trained for and ran a marathon so I am guessing that helped a lot as well.

Well friends I am now sad to say my weight has been creeping up on me and I am again frustrated. I am also all inspired by so many of my girlfriends who are currently active in weight watchers and look fantastic. (Shannon, Yvonne, Jenn K.)

So today I am starting over. I do not have the time or the money in my budget to officially "attend" weight watchers but I am going to post here on Monday's my weigh in and progress.

weigh in 8/11/08 171 lbs. a.m.

weight watchers 10% would be 17 lbs

Ultimate goal 154

Wish me luck!



YK Wright said...

Let's all inspire each other and rule the world-- in skinny jeans!!! (this, of course, after I've eaten my face off the past three days while my parents were visiting, but i'm back on track today. 2 Pt breakfast so far. We'll see what holds for lunch...egghhhh!

Shannon said...

yay, D!!!! good for you. i'll be right here with you along the way!

Sarah said...

You are so brave to post your weight.
You inspire me!

Happy Weight Watching...

For the record.. I think you look great now