Thursday, August 14, 2008

Missing My Angel- my Angel Came Home

Last Sunday a week ago my brother and his 3 boys came up to visit mom and pop. While they were here they decided to take my darling Michel home with them. This was a good thing because I was suppose to be taking her down to VA on Thursday anyway as they were all (my brother, nephew and Michel) going to New York City for a "night at the musuem". I thought no problem that will save me a trip early, I am doing the olympics here with the little guys - great.

BOY OH BOY did I miss her. It was cool having some time with the other three but I really really missed her. The only other time she was away from me for a period of time was a simple overnight at mee mee's, a friends overnight but this was 6 nights we were talking about. We did make do but it was incredibly hard. The cute thing was that while in NY my brother took the kids to the Toys R Us (it is huge) and she was shopping, picking out a purse (cause she needs one of them (she has tons)) and she couldn't decide which one to buy so she asked Uncle Eddie. I guess being a guy and having only boys (who was picking out leggos) he didn't know how to answer her so he sent me a text picture with her holding up each bag. It was so cool cause I got to see her and help to influence her - she needed her mommy.


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