Monday, August 25, 2008

Girls & Junk

Why is it that girls collect so much junk? I have 3 girls (9, 7 and 3.5) and they all share a room together. Today I decided it was time to do the clean out the baskets, drawers and stuff under the bed. I dumped everything in the middle of the floor and it was quite overwhelming for my girls but I told them we were sorting, throwing away, giving away and organizing it all. It is amazing to me the things they keep as precious items. So it was a rocky start to the sorting mix but then we put the radio on and reminisced about the stuff they had in their possession. Okay so I guess the bag collection starts at an early age as I think I counted about 12 -15 bags they got from different parties, they bought at different times with their own money - it was crazy. Then the even crazier thing was when I found a back pack filled with candy wrappers. Apparently that is a hot item to collect - I drew the line on that - we simply do not have the room to have a candy wrapper collection - not unless they are going to make some creative items with it and make millions marketing them.

At the end my 9 year old was so excited - she was now ready for school, she had a place for things and felt very organized. That made me smile. So all is good and clean in the Bentley house of girls & junk. (p.s. my son has the disease too - guess that goes with having 3 sisters - that we will save for tom.)


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