Sunday, September 7, 2008


The first weekend after Labor day for my church as well as many I suppose is "Rally Day" It is the day that (we all come back to church after maybe a few weeks here and there through the summer sabatical) we officially start the Church Education year. Sunday School starts back up, classes change just like in school. It is fun, the pastor today did his sermon today from the book of Deuteronomy - and it was the passage with Moses final sermon - where he says to love your god with all your heart... It was fun for me to hear this sermon today because only 3 no maybe 4 years ago when I was the Director of Christian Education for my church we were all asked to select a scripture passage and do a "talk" short cermon (yes it freaked me out - not the talking in front of people but the talking in front of people at a pulpit yikes!) this was the same passage I selected. I think it says a lot about what we as parents need to do - pass on our values, pass on the love that we have, the knowledge, how we treat one another, how we look at the world but even more than that it is not always about what we say but what we do - how we intereact with others and how our children see us be in the world. I guess in a weird way I felt hmm confirmed in some way that four years ago when I was freaking out trying to figure out of all the passages in the bible which one should I pick - would it make sense - how would it be received, etc. It was a great ceremon - and it was a great start to our Sunday school program at church.

The cooler part - back to politics - our adult Sunday school class is going to be talking about Church and politics. What role Religion plays in politics and how the differnt political parties are guided through scripture. We are going to attempt to discuss this in a non partisin way and I think it should be very interesting. The leader is an Ethics and religion teacher at Eastern University and is brilliant at bringing ideas around and discussing them. Here is a link to a Church and Politics Quiz we will all be taking to start us off on our discussion - it is from Christianity today so it is from a christian perspective.

I have not taken it yet but at the end it will tell you where you if you are a Radical Reformer, Thumpin' Theocrat, Quiet Critic or a Private Patriot. It might provide interesting.


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