Friday, September 5, 2008

Politics & Motherhood

A good friend of mine mentioned on her blog about politics and I know I know it is a touchy subject for many. I grew up with my mom always saying that who you select was private and I suppose that is a good way to keep things with out argument.

I have spent the last two weeks watching the democratic as well as the republican conventions and it was interesting to me to listen to what they all had to say. I grew up hearing about Bidden in this area so what he stands for and how he handles the media and issues is not new to me. (Apparently my dad actually had a run in with him when they were in high school - funny to hear my mom talk about it). I think that both parties have grown up with some form of adversity in their lives and I do believe the old saying by Friedrich Nietzsche, "That which does not kill us makes us stronger" I think both men vying for the presidency are strong men with conviction.

I was anxiously awaiting who was going to be selected as VP running on the republican ticket and was surprised to see that a real non entity was selected. I suppose that has it's good and bad points to it. I was most impressed or I should say I enjoyed Palin's speech. As a woman I think she is amazing. As I learn about her she seems to be such a very strong woman, an excellent role model for other women. She came across for, those that never heard of he before as incredibly strong, likable and capable. I then listened to the follow up to her speech and what others said, what the opposing side said it does have you thinking.

As I was thinking more and more today I realize I had conflict in what I was feeling. As I mentioned I give her credit for all that she has done and accomplished. I then started thinking about her as a mother of five children. One only 5 months old and with down syndrome. Having four of my own children and knowing how much time, energy it takes to care for and raise them. My husband John does a lot with the kids and it is still difficult. It is hard to think about how difficult it will be for her and her family should their ticket win. How will she be able to be there for her own children as well as our country? I know this probably sounds petty or judgemental. I am not to say that women can't do it all but I wonder if she has really thought about the impact on her family. I suppose some would put her in as a strong patriot putting country first. As a mother I just find it hard to see how you could balance all of that.

I am anxious to hear the debates in another few weeks, see how they handle themselves and what they have to say. I dare say that I have other issues as well but not go into them just now. This of course is a ramble of my thoughts and nothing more.

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YK Wright said...

Hmmm,good point. Not to mention that her 17 year old daughter will soon have her own child. I could just imagine the kind of support she'll be seeking from her mother in the days, weeks and months to follow.