Saturday, July 11, 2009

Summer Concerts in the Park

What a great summer family activity we went to the other night in Everhart park in west chester. The Commonwealth Classic Theatre put on the play "A Midsummers Night Dream", by Shakespear and it was so much fun. The night was beautiful, cool but not too cool, no bugs or our super MelaSoft dryer sheets really worked well. There was a small playground right next to where we were sitting where Kyler and Eliza could play while Michel, daddy and sat and enjoyed the show. For Michel, my aspiring actress in training- she LOVED it. We missed the beginning and so she was a bit confused with the ode, ye, and other Shakespearean words and they talked so fast but soon she was right there with the plot, laughing along with the many strange faires and other actors. It was fantastic. This troop does several shows in the parks through out the summer and they do a fantastic job. They will be performing on Saturday, July 18th at West Goshen community park in the Amphetheatre, we will be there to see the beginning and have another nice night. This time we will pack our picnics and come early.


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