Monday, June 30, 2008

Hmm the preassure of a blog

What really is a blog - who started this phonemone? What have we come to? I love to journal and find my peace but it was always done curled up in a chair, pen in hand scratching on paper in my journal. I started or was introduced to blogging back when my youngest daughter was born in 2004 - wow four years ago. I had done the whole web page, pictures up date for friends and family far away when my oldest daughter was born in 1999 so I guess the blog 6 years later was the new and improved way to go. As you can see from my posts - or lack there off I started it - meaning I signed in and gave it a name but nothing else. Then my girlfriends from a moms group went wild and so many started blogging - and I started reading - and some of my friends are so funny I love to read their stories - they really should be in a book somewhere. So this whole blogging thing started to again intrigue me and now here I am attempting to put words and thoughts to a computer screen to share with family and friends. We will see how this goes - my lack of time on the computer or I should say lack of a real computer that is just mine limits me along with the daily duties of every day life but I will keep pushing forward and try to get those crazy moments down on paper for me to remember and for those who wish to read my ramblings as well. Thanks for looking - comments are always welcome.

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